Patrik only takes projects he knows he can manage to your satisfaction. However, his large network of other specialists makes most projects doable.

Services exemplified


  • Core Competence
  • Competitor Landscape
  • Key Success Factors
  • Customer Values
  • Performance Analysis
  • Management Structure
  • Trend Spotting


  • Strategy Implementation
  • 100-day Turn-Arounds
  • 500-day Interim Management
  • Internationalization
  • Training Programs
  • Restructuring
  • Advisory Board


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Plans
  • Investor Memorandums
  • Product Concepts
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Plans

Overview of Sustainable Storylines

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Key values

Operational and international experience
Focus on the essential
Simple and tailor-made solutions
No mambo-jambo
Auditing, planning, execution
Low overhead
Cost efficiency
Strategic anchoring

Patrik has consulted or worked with companies and brands like Aaltovoima, Ajasto, Auriga Center, Black Donuts Engineering, Carpe Classis, Defour, EcoWeedKiller, Esaway, Euformatics, FELM, Finn-Marin, GrafiPro, Green Carpet, Jokiosten Leipä, Jujo Thermal, Labrox, Macring, Naantalin Energia, Navidium, Nokia, Nordea, Nordic ID, OS/G, Otto Brandt, Oriplan, Pinkkiheidi, Polarvagnen, Pöyry, Rastor, Remax OmaanKotiin, Sampo, Saving’s Bank, Sikla, Silver-Boats, Stera, Suomen Henkilöstötalo, SW-Energia, Technion, Teleste, TerhiTec, ToyGroup, Turku Business School, Vakka-Suomen Puhelin, X-Sec, and Åbo Akademi University.