Patrik Anckar

Sustainable Storylines & Sustainable Leadership

Patrik Anckar is an experienced international business executive, a full-scale strategist, a former Professor of Marketing, a serial entrepreneur and a business advisor.

He is currently running his own company consulting firms on various strategic and leadership issues, offering interim management, doing turn-around projects, coaching entrepreneurs and executives, orchestrating restructuring and mergers, and nurturing his own companies. Learn more about Smartbutlers.

His area of expertise is within strategic leadership, business development, restructuring and international marketing. His business experience varies from listed MNCs to SMEs, from industrial settings to service providers, from growth generation to downsizing, from entrepreneurships to board memberships, from acquisitions to exits and from brand marketing to CEO positions.

His mission is to contribute to “Sustainable Storylines & Sustainable Leadership”. What he has learnt the hard way over the years is that stories and leadership cannot work well without each other. A good film needs a great storyline, and great acting. Poor acting lets a good storyline down, and great acting will not make up for a poor storyline. Read more about the sustainable story process.

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